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What If I Can't Use the Automated Password Removal Tool?

Updated: 12/11/2015 | Article ID: GEN83203

This service is for currently supported versions of Quicken products only. If the file you present to Assisted Password Removal is in an unsupported version, the file will be converted to a supported version prior to being returned to you. If you do not intend on upgrading your file(s) to a currently supported product, please do not continue with this procedure.

Assisted Password Removal Service will remove the password and return the file to you within 3 - 4 business days once your file is received. You will be advised by an Assisted Password Removal team member if your request will take longer than expected.

If the responses you provide to confirm ownership of the file fail to match what can be confirmed in the file, you will be notified by the Assisted Password Removal team on how to proceed. You must respond in a timely manner, or your request will be closed.

Currently Supported Versions of Quicken

    Quicken Windows

    • 2013
    • 2014
    • 2015

    Quicken for Mac

    • 2006
    • 2007
    • Lion Compatible Quicken 2007
    • 2015


If you are not able to use the Automated Password Removal Tool for any reason and are using a supported version of Quicken, please contact our chat support team for assistance.  But don't click that link just yet!  Read on.  You'll need to provide some information once you've contacted support.

For your convenience, chat support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our team will help you with removing data file passwords and transaction passwords.  If you need to remove the Password Vault, see Deleting or Resetting the Password Vault.

Once you've contacted support, please provide the following information to the agent:

  1. The version of Quicken you are using (For example: Quicken Premier for Windows 2015).
  2. The name and location of the data file you need the password removed (Example: C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\My Documents\Quicken\My_Financials.QDF).
  3. Information to verify your ownership of the data file. This is a necessary step to make sure your personal financial data does not get into the wrong hands. Please provide at least two of the items from this list:
    • The name of one or more of the accounts tracked Quicken.
    • The last 4 digits of an account number of an account in Quicken.
    • The name of 2 financial institutions used for accounts in Quicken.
    • Three or more payees used in your accounts.
    • The name of 2 or more stocks you track in Quicken.

After submitting your case to a support agent, you will receive an email within 1 business day with instructions to upload your file to the password removal team.

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