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Quicken Assisted Password Removal Service

Updated: 5/14/2015 | Article ID: GEN82212

Password Removal Service

Intuit offers Assisted Password Removal Services for your Quicken data file and transaction passwords. This service is for currently supported versions of Quicken (U.S and Canada versions of Quicken only).  For information on an international version of Quicken, see the Intuit International Web site.

What Is the Assisted Service?

The Assisted Service is offered to our Quicken Customers who cannot use the Automated Password Removal Tool. While the automated tool can remove the File Password from Quicken Windows currently supported versions (U.S and Canada only), the Assisted Service can remove File and Transaction Passwords in all currently supported Quicken Windows, Quicken Mac and Quicken Essentials Mac products.

What versions of Quicken are supported?

  • Quicken for Windows versions 2013 (until April 30th, 2016) through 2015.
  • Quicken for Mac versions 2006 and 2007, Lion Compatible Quicken Mac 2007, Quicken 2015 for Mac.
  • Quicken for Canada versions 2013 through 2015.

      We offer free live support for our latest Quicken products. In order to provide the best support possible, a contact charge applies to older supported versions (Quicken for Windows 2013 and Quicken for Mac 2006 and 2007). Customers can upgrade their Quicken version to the latest version to receive free assisted support. If the customer would rather have us remove the password for them, they will need to purchase a Quicken Technical Support One Time Contact. They can make the Quicken Technical Support purchase by clicking in this link.


What If I'm not using a supported version?

Intuit will not be able to return your file in an unsupported version of Quicken.  Your options are to upgrade to a currently supported version, locate and restore a backup that accepts your password, or start a new data file in the version of Quicken you are using.

What password cannot be removed?

The password removal service cannot be used for your online banking password, Intuit's online store or Quicken.com sign in. Prior to submitting your file for password removal, review Quicken Does Not Accept the Data File Password.

Does it cost anything and how long does it take?

Support charges may apply. Terms and conditions of support, support features, pricing and support availability are subject to change at any time, without notice.

You will receive information about how to submit your data file within 24 to 48 hours of contacting us. Once you have submitted your data file and other required information, we will remove the password and return your file to you within 24 to 48 business hours.  This means, it could be up to 4 business days from beginning to end.

If you can't use the automated password removal tool click here.

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