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How To Delete or Void a Check in Quicken

Updated: 8/11/2011 | Article ID: GEN82337

  1. On your keyboard, hold down Ctrl+W to bring up the Write Checks dialog box.
  2. Select the check that you want to void or delete.


  • When you delete a check, Quicken removes the transaction from the register and recalculates all subsequent balances. You cannot get the transaction back. Consider voiding a check instead.
  • When you void a check, Quicken removes the dollar amount of the transaction and inserts the word VOID before the payee name. Quicken also adds an R to the Clr field so that the transaction won't interfere with reconciling. If the transaction contains split amounts, Quicken changes each amount to zero.
  • Do not void online payment instructions. If you do, Quicken cannot get the confirmation number it needs to stop the payment. Cancel the online payment instruction instead.
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