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Quicken 2014 for Windows Mobile Companion App

Updated: 1/02/2015 | Article ID: GEN86285

Will the Quicken Mobile App work on my mobile device? View, Edit and Add Transactions
Our Quicken Mobile App works with iOS and Android devices View, Edit, Add Transactions on your Quicken Mobile App 
Setup mobile and alerts in Quicken for Windows Manage Your Budget
Get started with the mobile app in Quicken for Windows Change your budget on the Quicken mobile app 
Install Quicken app on your mobile device How do I use the receipt capture feature?
Select the appropriate link below for your device to install the app. Snap & Store your receipts using your Quicken App
What is the Quicken Cloud? Manage your Alerts and Notifications
What to know about the Quicken Cloud How do I set up alerts and Notifications?
Sign in with your Inuit ID & Password What if I'm getting an error or it doesn't work?
Learn how to sign in to your Quicken Mobile App Troubleshooting Quicken 2014 Mobile Companion App
Sync Accounts from Quicken onto your mobile device Learn how we protect your privacy and security
Get and stay in sync Quicken Mobile Privacy and Security


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