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Quicken 2005 Manual Updates (Mac)

Updated: 7/02/2015 | Article ID: GEN82199

Note: Stuffit Expander may be required to install this update on operating systems older than 10.6. Stuffit Expander is not included in Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger). If you are using Tiger, a free download of Stuffit Expander is available at http://www.stuffit.com/mac/expander/index.html.

To install the manual update:

  1. Download the update.
  2. Double-click the Quicken 2005 R6 Update installer.
  3. Click Update and follow the on-screen instructions.

The update installer searches for the Quicken for Mac 2005 application on your hard drive. If it finds multiple copies, you must update each copy individually. If the installer does not find the application, reinstall Quicken for Mac 2005 from your original CD-ROM.

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