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The What's New Guide to Quicken 2016 for Windows

Updated: 11/19/2015 | Article ID: INF24567

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Your guide to the new features and enhancements in Quicken 2016.

Here’s how to use one of the most important new features and enhancements we’ve added to Quicken this year. We really appreciate your business and work hard every day to make Quicken the best personal finance solution for you. Enjoy!


  • View your bills automatically in Quicken

Quicken can now get your bills from over 7,000 biller websites. You can now view all of your bills in one place, link bills to reminders for more accurate cash flow projections, and create payments in Quicken, all automatically.

Adding your bills to Quicken

Adding your bills to Quicken is as easy as adding an account:

  • Click Bills -> Online Bills. Then click on the ‘Get Started’ button
  • If you already have Reminders in your Quicken file, select the reminder you want to link to the biller’s website; if you want to add a new bill, you can click on the link at the bottom of the window to search for the biller
  • Quicken will search for your biller to see if it’s available online; if you can’t find the biller, try searching for the full biller name (for example, instead of AT&T, you might search for AT&T Wireless).
  • Select your biller from the search results
  • Enter the login information you use at the biller’s website, and click ‘Next
  • Follow these steps for each bill you’d like to link in Quicken
  • All of you linked bills will now appear on the Bills --> Online Bills tab in Quicken

Managing your Online Bills in Quicken

  • If you pay a bill outside of Quicken, you can add the bill to your register by clicking the ‘Enter’ button next to the bill on the Bills -> Online Bills tab. If you don’t want to add the bill to your register, just click ‘Skip’.
  • To get your latest bills, click on ‘Refresh All’ at the top of the Online Bills tab.
  • If you would like to get the latest bill directly from the biller website, click on the gear icon next to the bill’s name, and select ‘Refresh from Biller’.
  • To see the history of payments, click the gear icon next to the bill’s name, and select ‘See history’.
  • If you incorrectly linked a biller to a reminder, you can click on ‘Unlink from biller’ on the gear men.

Paying bills from Quicken

  • To pay bills directly from Quicken, the bill will need to be set up for Online Billpay. When you click ‘Enter’ the transaction will be queued up to be paid online during the next One Step Update.

      Or you can choose ‘Send Now’ when the bill is ready to be paid


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