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Error: Quicken Failed To Install - Exit Code: 1601

Updated: 5/07/2012 | Article ID: GEN82714

This error message appears when attempting to install Quicken. The full message reads:

An error has occurred while installing Quicken.
Quicken Failed to Install - Exit Code: 1601


  1. From the Windows Start menu, find the search dialog box located at the bottom of the Start menu.  (In earlier versions of Windows, choose Run).
  2. Type: MSIEXEC /UNREGISTER into the search field (in earlier versions of Windows, enter it in the Open field, then click OK).
    Note: If you receive a message "Unrecognized command" or similar, you may have entered the command incorrectly.  Enter the command again.  Note the space after "MSIEXEC." 
  3. Repeat Step 1, and this time type MSIEXEC /REGSERVER in the search field or Open field and click OK.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Once your computer restarts, attempt to install Quicken again.
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