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Convert Data From Non-Intuit Financial Software Programs

Updated: 5/09/2012 | Article ID: GEN81988

If you are converting from Microsoft Money for Windows, you can use the Money data converter.

You can convert data from any financial software program that can export .qif (Quicken Interchange Format) files. Quicken uses .qif files to import and export data, which allows data files to be converted from both Intuit and non-Intuit financial programs.

If you are unsure whether the software from which you are converting can export .qif files, please refer to the Help or technical support for that product. You should also verify exactly what data would be included in the .qif file. Usually, some data will not be converted and will subsequently need to be entered manually.

Once the data has been exported from the other program, import the .qif file into Quicken. After you import each .qif file, compare the imported data in Quicken to the original data for accuracy.

Note: Quicken Interchange Format (QIF) is a non-proprietary data format. Although Intuit originally developed QIF, and certain Intuit products still contain the ability to import and/or export files in QIF format, Intuit does not endorse or provide support for this format. For this reason, Intuit does not know the identities of all institutions and processors that support QIF.  More information about QIF support in Quicken is available here.

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