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How do I install Quicken from CD if I do not have a CD/DVD drive?

Updated: 2/21/2014 | Article ID: GEN86249

More and more computer are being sold without CD/DVD drives. If you have a computer without a CD drive and if you purchased Quicken on CD or have an old copy of Quicken on CD you'd like to install, unfortunately there is no magical process that will let us extract the files from the CD without a CD drive. However, if you have access to a CD drive on another computer, anywhere, you can save the content of the CD to a flash/thumb/USB drive, then install Quicken from that USB drive.  We'll explain how.

First, go to a computer with a CD drive (don't forget to take your Quicken CD and your USB drive with you!).

  1. Place the Quicken CD in the computer's CD drive. If you're asked to install Quicken, click No or Cancel.
  2. Insert your USB thumb drive in a USB port on your computer.  We'll use it in a minute.
  3. By your Start button on your Windows desktop, there should be a folder icon on the bottom task bar. If you mouse-over it, it'll say Windows Explorer. Click on that icon to open it. If you don't see the icon, click the Windows Start button and select My Computer.
  4. Right-click directly on the CD drive that contains the Quicken CD, then choose Copy.  You're copying the contents of the CD to your computer's clipboard.
  5. Close out of the windows you have open so you can get back to your desktop.  Right-click on your desktop, choose New > Folder.  You can rename the folder if you'd like, but it is not necessary.
  6. Once you've created the new folder on your desktop, right-click on the folder and choose Paste.  This will move the files from your clipboard to your new folder.
  7. We have the files necessary to install Quicken in that new folder.  We have to now put it on your thumb drive.  So again, right-click on the new folder and choose Copy.
  8. Open Windows Explorer again (as we did in step 3).  Find your USB flash drive.  Right-click directly on the drive, then choose Paste.  When complete, the Quicken install files will be in your thumb drive and ready for transport.
  9. Eject your USB drive.

Now, go back to your computer -- the one you want to install Quicken on. Bring the USB drive with you from the other computer. You won't need the Quicken CD any longer.

  1. Insert your USB thumb/flash drive into a USB port in the computer. When it registers, you'll see it available in Windows Explorer as an available drive.
  2. Once the USB drive shows up, double-click on the USB drive.  You'll see the new folder you created on the first computer.
  3. Right-click the new folder and choose Copy.
  4. Close out of Windows Explorer to reveal your desktop.  
  5. Right-click on your desktop and choose Paste.  This will make a copy your new folder on your desktop.
  6. When complete, double-click your new folder.
  7. Double-click on the folder DISK1. 
  8. Within DISK1, double-click on setup.exe to start the Quicken installation.
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