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How do I get a replacement CD or download for Quicken?

Updated: 8/12/2015 | Article ID: GEN83236

Quicken offers replacement CDs and software downloads for currently-supported versions of Quicken.

If you purchased Quicken directly from our site, you can sign in and download it again.  If you don't remember your sign-in information, we'll help you out.

If you bought the software directly from us, you'll want to have your original order number handy, which can be found in the order confirmation email we sent you.


To receive a replacement CD

  1. Go to Contact Quicken Support.
  2. Select your product version and year.
  3. Under Category, select Shopping and Buying.
  4. Then select I need a replacement copy of Quicken below.
  5. Proceed to answer the questions in the drop-down menus.


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