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Message When Updating Quicken: Update was not complete

Updated: 7/25/2013 | Article ID: GEN82798

What's happening?

If you try to update Quicken to the latest release, you might get one of these messages:

The update for Quicken [year] was not complete


Oops, update was not completed.  Restart your computer and try again.

What do I do?

If restarting your computer does not resolve the error, the issue is caused by mismatched or invalid files in your Quicken installation folder.

You'll need to download a full product patch to repair your installation and update the product to the latest release at the same time.

  • Find your version of Quicken here and download the full mondo patch.

Note: These patches are for the Quicken Windows US products only.  If you apply these patches to Quicken Windows for Canada (Cash Manager), the program installation will be damaged and require a reinstall of the Quicken Canada program.

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