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What Happens to my data/file when I upgrade to a new version of Quicken?

Updated: 4/07/2014 | Article ID: GEN85891

Learn how Quicken manages your old software and keeps your financial data safe when you upgrade.

What happens with my Quicken data when I upgrade?

Your financial data is carried over to your new version.

The first time you open your data file or backup, your data gets converted to work in the new version -- automatically.  As a precaution, we make a backup of your old data, just in case. 

Do I have to uninstall my old version of Quicken before I upgrade?

You won't have to worry about uninstalling your old version of Quicken before installing your new one. Quicken will uninstall your old version for you first before installing your new version.

Can I upgrade Quicken from an older version?

Yes. You can convert your data file to your new version of Quicken from any previous version.

However, the longer you go between upgrades, the more complex the conversion process can be.  if you're old version is Quicken for Windows 2003 or earlier, you'll want to install Quicken 2004 before installing your new software to make the leap between versions less severe. We provide you with a copy of 2004 and easy instructions here.

Quicken periodically updates their software. How do I know if I'm on the latest release?

You'll be up-to-date the moment you start using Quicken.

At the tail end of installing, Quicken automatically checks for updates and installs it for you if one is available.

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