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Error 1911 or 1935 When Install of Quicken

Updated: 1/08/2014 | Article ID: GEN83111

When installing Quicken, you may get a 1900-series error message, most commonly 1911 or 1935, where install will fail.

The error you received is caused by the Windows Installer component being unable to install and/or register .DLL files properly.  The Windows Installer is a software component built into your Windows operating system that assists in installing applications on your computer.  In other words, these error messages are created by Windows, not Quicken.  However, we can help resolve the issue for you.

To resolve this issue, we have an installer that will force-install the critical components, allowing for an installation of all components afterward:

  1. Download the Bootstrap Install file appropriate for your version of Quicken.
    When prompted, choose Save.  (Save the file to your Desktop to make it easier to find.)
    Do not attempt to run this executable file across the internet.
  2. Double-click the QxxBootstrap.exe file you just downloaded.
  3. Click Unzip.
    A new folder will automatically be created on your (C:\) drive: c:\Quicken20xxBStrap.
  4. When the extract process is completed, click Close on the self-extractor.
  5. Click your Windows Start button and choose Computer.
  6. Double-click your C:\ drive.
  7. Double-click Quicken20xxBStrap
  8. Double-click Bootstrap20xx.
  9. Double-click Disk 1.
  10. Double-click Quicken 20xx.msi.
  11. Follow the on-screen prompts to install Quicken.
    • The 19xx error will appear towards the end of the installation.
    • Click Ignore when this message appears.
  12. CRITICAL: When this part of the installation is complete, you must re-install using the CD or download you purchased.

Note: If this procedure fails to resolve the installation error(s), Microsoft Support is the best solution available to resolve Windows Registry issues.  For general information on 1900-series errors, Microsoft Windows Installers, or bootstrap installations, please visit the Microsoft Support site or contact Microsoft Technical Support (which can be found by following the same link).

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