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Quicken 2013 for Windows Mobile Sync Message: Not Responding

Updated: 1/11/2013 | Article ID: GEN85185

When attempting to Setup or use Mobile Sync in Quicken for Windows, Quicken may go into a "Not Responding" state and appear to be in a never-ending connecting loop.

This issue can be caused by out-of-date banking information in Quicken.

  1. Make sure that you're using the latest release of Quicken.
  2. View the Connlog for an error "Could not find access URL in the Branding Response for this FI."
  3. Note: If the error occurs with only one financial institution name, and you've selected more than one to sync, Refresh Branding & Profile or that financial institution.
  4. If the error occurs with more than one financial institution name, or you've only selected one to sync, and Refresh Branding & Profile does not solve this condition, confirm you're able to update the FIDir.txt here.
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