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Message for Wells Fargo in Quicken Mobile: Account Needs Attention

Updated: 11/12/2014 | Article ID: GEN85015

Wells Fargo uses unique session tokens for online connections. When that connection is through a mobile device, the token is only good for as long as you are logged into the Quicken Mobile application. Once you log out, that token is removed to increase security.

Log into Wells Fargo through the Quicken Mobile app each time you log into Quicken Mobile.


  • Quicken relies on expiring session tokens to connect to Wells Fargo. If you have not connected through Quicken on your desktop for more than 14 days, the token will have expired and you will receive an error CC-502 (Quicken Windows) or Error 102 (Quicken Mac). See http://quicken.intuit.com/support/help/GEN86267.html for more information on this error specific to Wells Fargo accounts.
  • If the desktop file is in error, chances are good that your mobile app will be in the same error state. You cannot resolve this error state on the mobile device and have to resolve it in the desktop file first, then perform a mobile sync to refresh the account(s) in the mobile database.
  • Once you've resolved the error in the desktop file and successfully completed a sync, log out of your mobile device and log back in to get that refreshed data connection.
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