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How To Schedule When Quicken Updates Account Information

Updated: 8/16/2012 | Article ID: GEN82541

Set up Schedule Updates to connect to your financial institutions to download cleared and WebEntry transactions, update account information on Quicken.com, and more at a time that you specify. For example, if you normally use Quicken just after dinner, set up Schedule Updates to bring your Quicken data file up-to-date at 5:00 P.M. each weekday.

Schedule Updates cannot be used with Web connect accounts. Some financial institutions that require additional authentication to verify customer identity or that use expiring session cookies will also not work with Schedule Updates. In addition, you must still use One Step Update to send online payments, transfers, and e-mail to your financial institutions.

  1. Choose the Tools menu, then select Schedule Updates.
  2. If necessary, select the items you want to update. Click a link below if you need additional information.
    • Quotes

      Download quotes, headlines, and alerts.

    • Financial Institutions

      Download your latest cleared transactions and balances for bank, credit card, and investment accounts that are activated for online services from all your financial institutions.

    • Quicken.com
      • Update my portfolio on Quicken.com.
        Send Quicken investment account information to your own password-protected area on Quicken.com, where you can check it anytime, anyplace, from any Web-connected computer. You can send individual transactions or just holdings information.
      • Update my banking accounts on Quicken.com.
        Update account balance information with your Quicken.com account. You can then connect over the Internet to view your latest online account balances.
      • Update my reminders on Quicken.com.
        Send scheduled transactions to your password-protected area on Quicken.com. Your scheduled transactions will be displayed on the Web for several days prior to their due dates. To remove them, enter the transactions in your register, then update again.
      • Download WebEntry transactions from Quicken.com.
        WebEntry allows you to enter transactions anywhere that you have a Web browser and Internet access. You enter transactions into your own private page on the Web, and download them later when you return home. In Quicken, you review the transactions, then enter them into your Quicken registers with a single click.
  3. Select the days and times at which you want the updates to occur.

    Updates will occur within 15 minutes of the selected time (not the exact time specified). This helps balance the load on the servers of your financial institutions.

  4. Choose when you would like to enter your Password Vault password.
    • Prompt for password before each scheduled update-Quicken will ask you for your Password Vault password at the time you have chosen for the update.
    • Prompt for Password at Windows startup-Quicken will ask you for your Password Vault password every time Windows is launched.
  5. Click OK.


  • Scheduled updates cannot take place while Quicken is running. If you are using Quicken when an update is scheduled to occur, Quicken displays a message when you exit the application telling you that you have missed a scheduled update.
  • The Scheduled Update cannot occur if you set a password to open your Quicken file.  If you would like to use this feature, please remove your data file password first.
  • The Schedule Updates feature displays informational icons in your Windows taskbar status area.
    • active (A scheduled update is currently being processed.)
    • new information (New information has been downloaded from your financial institutions.)
    • problems (A problem occurred while a scheduled update was being processed.)
  • If you connect to the Internet using a dial-up (or modem) connection, you can automatically connect and disconnect as Internet access is required. You do this by setting the Windows Internet Options connection properties.
  • If your internet connection requires human interaction (such as Connect to start a broadband connection or enter a user name & password to connect to a WiFi network connection), Scheduled Update may not run if you have not performed that procedure to start the connection.
  • Quicken Scheduled Update may not run if another application is scheduled to update during this same time period (15 minutes +/- from the time selected in Quicken) and that update is running when Quicken attempts to connect.  Please make sure to schedule updates at 1/2 hour (or more) intervals, rather than at the same time.
  • If your security application or firewall (software or hardware) requires user input to allow specific programs to access the internet, make sure that these executables are in the Allow or Trusted settings:
    • QW.exe
    • BAgent.exe
  • To schedule an update for an account, you must be store the password for that account in the Password Vault.
  • To stop Schedule Updates, choose Tools (Online for older versions) > Schedule Updates. Clear the check box beside any day of the week on which you do not want Schedule Updates to run.
  • Scheduled updates affect only the current data file (this is usually the last data file opened in Quicken, provided that the Quicken software was closed normally).
  • If the account(s) in Quicken connect to a financial institution that was originally Web Connect Only, and the account(s) later upgraded to Express Web Connect (through Improve Connection), you may need to Remove Connection and set the accounts up as Express Web Connect directly rather than upgrading from Web Connect to get transactions downloaded through Scheduled Update.

When you enter your Vault password prior to performing a scheduled update, Quicken uses advanced algorithms to encrypt it and then store it in your computer's memory. The encrypted password is never stored on your hard disk, and it would be very difficult technically for unauthorized persons to retrieve it. For additional information, see Tell me about online features and security.

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