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Disabling Express Web Connect on an Account

Updated: 8/19/2011 | Article ID: GEN82700

To disable Express Web Connect and return to connecting using the standard Web Connect:

  1. In the Account list, right-click the desired account and select Edit account.

  2. When the Accounts Details window opens, click the Online Services tab.
  3. In the One Step Update section, click the Remove from One Step Update button, and then click OK. This disables the account.
  4. Log in to your financial institution's Web site and start a download of your Web Connect file into Quicken.
  5. When the following window opens, select the Use an existing Quicken account option, click the drop-down arrow and select the account, and then click Continue.

Your account is now set up to import your information into Quicken  using standard Web connect. If you want to go back to using One Step Update, you can re-enable the account for Express Web Connect.

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