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How do I move my Quicken Data files between computers?

Updated: 4/11/2014 | Article ID: GEN82636

If you're moving the data from Windows to Windows or Mac to Mac, it's as easy as backing up your original data file, then restoring your data file on the computer you'd like to move the data to.  

You'll need Quicken installed on the computer you want to move the data to.  Your backup contains your financial data but needs the entire Quicken software package to read it.

  • What if I no longer have the CD or downloaded file?
    If you no longer have the cd or downloaded file for a version of Quicken that is no longer supported, you will need to purchase a supported version to install on your second computer. This does not mean you have to purchase more than one copy of Quicken in order to install it on multiple computers. If the version of Quicken you want to install on the other computer is still supported, go here.
  1. On the original computer, in Quicken:
    • For Windows: choose File menu Backup and Restore > Backup Quicken File to backup your data file to an external source, such as USB thumb drive or other media.
    • For Mac:  Choose File menu > Back Up > To Disk....
  2. On the target computer, connect the USB thumb drive or other media you have your data file on.
    • For Windows: choose File menu Backup and Restore > Restore from Backup, and navigate to the external disk to restore the data file.
    • For Mac: choose File Menu > Restore > From Disk....
  3. Select the file you want, and click OK.

Other Options

  • If you want to move a Quicken for Mac data file to a computer that is running Quicken for Windows, you'll need to export the data file. Instructions for exporting Quicken for Windows data into Quicken for Macintosh can be found at here.
  • If you have an Online Backup account, you can't use Quicken Online Backup to move data files. But you can use Quicken Online Backup Web Restore.
  • General troubleshooting information about Quicken's backup and restore feature is available in-product and on our support site.


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