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How To Hide an Account

Updated: 5/08/2012 | Article ID: GEN82284

To hide an account

When you hide an account, Quicken removes the account (and its balance total) from the Account List, but keeps the transactions available for reports and graphs.

  1. Select Tools on the top menu bar, then select Account List. Choose the appropriate account and select the applicable Hide options to the left.
  2. If you are finished editing your account information, click Done or Close.

To view a hidden account

  1. Click on Tools on the top menu bar, then select Account List.
  2. Check Show hidden accounts at the bottom left of the window.

To permanently unhide an account

Follow the applicable steps for your version above to view a hidden account and ensure all Hide check marks are removed.


  • To exclude an account from a Portfolio view, customize the current view.
  • To exclude an account from a report or graph, customize the report or graph.
  • Use the toolbar below the Investing Center Today's Data, Performance, or Analysis tab to select whether you want to view snapshot results for retirement accounts only, for all your investment accounts, or for a customized group of accounts.
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