Getting Started Guide for New Users

Step One Install Quicken

Insert the Quicken CD and follow the installation instructions. (If you downloaded Quicken, run the installer program that was included with your download).

Step Two Register Quicken

When prompted, complete the Quicken Product registration.

Registering allows you to access Quicken's many online features such as One Step Update and Online Investment Tools.

Step One Use the Setup Tab to Add Accounts and Bills

When you start Quicken for the first time you'll be taken directly to the Setup Tab. (If you are already a Quicken user, just click the Setup tab.)

The Overview page is where you can add your basic financial information to help you get the most out of Quicken. There are a number of options on this page and we suggest that you enter the following at the very least:

  • your Checking and Savings Accounts
  • your Credit Cards
  • your regular Bills and Deposits

Step Four Find More in the Sidebar

Quicken is built to provide you with help when you need it. Click the tabs on on the side of your screen to find information about the screen you're viewing.

Step Five Keep up-to-date with One Step Update

Quicken has the ability to download your account information directly from your bank, credit card company, or other financial institutions. This means you'll never have to manually type in your checks, debit card transactions or credit card purchases.

Using a secure connection set up in cooperation with your financial institution, Quicken can download all this information in one step. Just click One Step Update button. (And don't worry, you'll always have the opportunity to review the downloaded transactions for accuracy. Also, downloaded transactions will never overwrite existing transactions you've entered manually into your account register.) More than 6,122 participating financial institutions as of 05/21/08.

To take advantage of this feature, make sure to register Quicken and choose the option to Download Transactions when you're setting up your new accounts.

That's it!

Now you're all set to track your expenses, income and review your financial picture at a glance.

For more information on getting the most out of Quicken, we recommend you check out:

  • Quicken Community - Connect with users and experts to find answers and share tips and tricks at
  • Quicken Web support - Visit our Support Web site for answers to common questions and trouble shooting assistance.
  • Email - You can receive free support by sending us an e-mail with your question or a description of your problem.
  • Chat - Chat support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the exception of maintenance periods.

A Word About Security

We're committed to protecting your personal information. Quicken uses industry-recognized security safeguards that meet or exceed federal requirements. We also work in cooperation with hundreds of Banks and Financial Instructions to ensure secure connections when you download your account data. So rest easy knowing that any personal information you might provide during setup - passwords, account numbers, credit card information - is protected.

Quicken Community

You're Never Alone

Anytime you want to get (or give) advice or helpful tips, just pay a visit to to connect with other users and experts.

Video Help

At the top of the Setup tab you'll find videos that can walk you through getting set up, and introduce some of the key features of Quicken. You can watch them here:

Checking, Savings and Credit Card Accounts

It takes just minutes to add all of your checking, savings and credit card accounts. If you have more than one account at the same financial institution, Quicken can set them all up at once. You can also download past transactions to get a complete picture of your spending.

After you get set up, you can keep everything up-to-date and download your latest transactions from all your accounts - just click One Step Update .

Bill Reminders

Add your regular monthly bills. These can include anything you want -- mortgage or rent, utilities, insurance, loan payments and more. Quicken will help you track every payment you need to make -- and remind you when they're due. Just complete a simple form that includes the reminder schedule and the account and payment method for the bill, so you won't have to enter this information every time the bill is due. For more on Bill Reminders, see the video in the Setup tab.

Income & Transfer Reminders

You can set reminders for salary and other income just like you set reminders for bills. Having your most recent pay stub will be helpful in completing this section.

By setting a reminder, Quicken will tell you when the next pay check is coming, and will use this expected income to provide cash flow forecasting for the coming weeks or months.


Adding investment account information to Quicken is easy. Just click Add Account to add brokerage, IRA, 401(k) or mutual fund accounts.

With all of your investment information in one place, Quicken can help you define your goals, set retirement targets, optimize your investment portfolio and more. You can also get alerts on your favorite stocks and funds, so you can make more informed investment decisions.

The more you set up in Quicken from the beginning, the better Quicken works for you.

You can use Quicken to track your spending and savings, manage your investments, get reports and charts and prepare for tax time. So the more financial information you provide in Quicken from the start, the more complete a financial picture Quicken can provide. And remember, your information is safe.

To Do

We remember so you don't have to. Here, you'll find reminders on key tasks such as downloading transactions, bill payments and much more.

Guide Me

More help never hurts. This tab provides guidance for the page you're currently on.


The tools sidebar provides you with links to Quicken features related to the page you are on. It also provides you easy access to a calendar , reports , and your Quicken preferences .


The Community tab is your link to other Quicken users. Here you'll find help topics and discussions from the online Quicken forums. If you have a question, talk to other Quicken users like yourself to get help and share your tips at the same time.


The Services tab is your gateway to add-on Quicken services such as Quicken Bill Pay , Quicken Credit Card and Online Back-Up that easily integrate with Quicken.