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Quicken: Still the Best for Budgeting – Kiplinger
February 2011 by Joan Goldwasser
“Quicken’s Premier edition offers a robust investment section, a feature that is not available in free budgeting and money-management programs … It lets you track your portfolio’s recent and historical performance and measure it against the market as a whole and relevant benchmarks. You can view your asset allocation, compare it with model portfolios and see how to rebalance to reach recommended allocations.” Read more

Quicken 2011 helps keep your finances under control – USA Today
October 15, 2010 by Jonathan Blum
"Quicken 2011’s interface has been retooled so it behaves the way you’d expect it to. There’s a new cash-flow tracking feature that lets you see how much cash will be in your accounts as Quicken forecasts the timing of your income and expenses. If you’re serious about investing and want an easy-to-use, but still powerful tool that keeps your financial information safe, Quicken 2011 is tough to beat.” Read more

Quicken 2011 offers new features, better UI – CNET
October 14, 2010 by Jasmine France
“Financial software might not be the type of thing to make your knees go weak, but a good program is a control freak’s dream come true. Such is the case with Intuit’s latest offering in the form of Quicken 2011. The time and work required by the user overall is also vastly reduced, thanks to the fact that the program can now automatically download data from more than 12,000 banks, brokerages, and loans.”
Read more

Quicken 2011 review: financial paradise by the dashboard – WalletPop
October 14, 2010 by Josh Smith
“Getting started with Quicken 2011 is fast. You can complete account linking in about 10 minutes, and with the revamped dashboard and the inclusion of spending, monthly bills and spending goals you can keep on top of the day-to-day items in just a few minutes. The result is a desktop personal finance tool that looks like a website yet retains the benefits of an offline personal finance tool that many Quicken users want.”
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Intuit’s New Version Of Quicken Gets Mintified With Financial Data Insights And More – TechCrunch
October 14, 2010 by Leena Rao
“The new version for Windows users includes 360-degree financial view that brings together all accounts, including bank, credit card, investment and retirement. Quicken’s new automated engine categorizes transactions (i.e. business, clothes, groceries, etc.). You can also create budgets within the software based on an individual’s historical spending and the software will include expense alerts and a graph to project cash flow help users avoid late fees and penalties.” Read more

Intuit Makes Quicken Minty Fresh for Web 2.0 – The Street

“Intuit is giving a Web 2.0 makeover to Quicken. The new Quicken is faster, leaner, and comes with Web-based data collection features that grab content from about 12,000 financial institutions. Setup is simple: Load the software, enter your account and personal information as requested and, in about a half-hour, you’ll have a reasonably accurate picture of your finances. Voila.” Read more

Intuit’s Quicken 2011 Gets a Minty New Look – PCMag

“This is the 20th anniversary of Quicken and the 2011 release is perhaps the product’s most dramatic overhaul. Quicken now sports Mint’s popular 360-degree financial view, which combines all of your accounts on one screen. The software also makes it easier to track spending over time.” Read more

The New Quicken is Minty Fresh – Technologizer

“The new version of Quicken, Quicken 2011, is the first one to reflect (Mint.com founder Aaron Patzer’s) influence, and it certainly shows the influence of the more modern Mint. Quicken’s interface … now has a cleaner, Webbier look. Setting up a new account involves three screens, and 12,000 banks are now supported. The old Quicken categories for purchases have been scrapped in favor of the more precise ones used on Mint, which Patzer (said) are 90 percent accurate.” Read more

Quicken Gets a Web-Inspired Overhaul – ComputerWorld

“Quicken 2011 is one of the biggest new releases in the recent history of Intuit’s venerable personal finance package, and for anyone still interested in managing their finances on the desktop, it’s well worth a look. The ability to automate data entry is one of the most useful features of a personal finance package, since it makes seeing where your money is going and, by extension, planning for the future so much easier.” Read more

Quicken 2011 Review and Giveaway – Consumerism Commentary

“Here is the bottom line: If it’s been several years since you’ve upgraded Quicken, or if you’ve never owned Quicken and you’d like a powerful piece of software for managing your personal finances when free options like Mint are not enough for you, then Quicken 2011 is an obvious choice. As far as yearly incremental upgrades go, this is the best annual improvement I’ve seen in Quicken for a long time.” Read more

Intuit launches a much more ‘Minty’ Quicken 2011 – Beta News

“For the 20th anniversary of Quicken, Intuit has taken big steps to make the software more approachable for new users, more in tune with online financial services, and better at automatically categorizing transaction data it receives. All accounts, including bank, credit card, investment and retirement can all be viewed from the same screen, and the flow of cash is immediately broken into graphs and charts for you to play with…under a much friendlier UI.” Read more

Intuit Releases Quicken 2011 Along with Major Update for Quicken Essentials for Mac – SvenOnTech

“The overall architecture … was designed with a more modern experience found on such programs as Apple’s popular iTunes. The rigid iced columns of previous versions of Quicken are now configurable. For example, if you no longer write and print checks, you can simply right-click on the Check and Check Number column and un-check it from the list and — poof! — they are gone.” Read more

Quicken 2011 Review – Investor Junkie

“The user interface has been slightly modified and makes it easier to use. If you are an existing user of Quicken, and your version is a few years old I suggest upgrading. If you are a new user, I would without question recommend purchasing it.” Read more

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Customer Comments

“Quicken 2011 is simply the most compre-
hensive and easy-to-use personal finan-
cial application on the market!” — James O.

“Intuit fully understands the importance of
data security. Whenever I upgrade to a
new version, my transactions follow me
with no problems, even though I have
more than 10 years’ worth of data.” — Joel T.

“I’ve used Quicken for 15 years and been
very pleased. The product has continually
improved, the quicken team listens to its
customers, and the product is better for it.” — Kyle E.

“I am delighted that I can now download
transactions for all of my accounts and
credit cards, especially my brokerage
account. Thank you.” — Leon C.

“Quicken 2011 is easy to use, has a nice
screen layout, and provides many features
for planning and tracking finances.” — LaMont G.

“The new ‘All Transactions’ feature is
fabulous — a few clicks and you have even
more functionality than before for ‘at a
glance’ overviews.” — Elissa S.

“Quicken 2011 is much easier and faster
to use than any previous version of
quicken. I am in total awe of the
improvments.” — James O.

“Quicken is a great tool to gain control of
all of your financial life: checking, savings,
credit, assets, investments, taxes, and
retirement planning. It lets you know how
you are doing and where you stand.” — William G.

“I can’t believe it just keeps getting better.
Great visuals and intuitive presentation of
data makes it easy to get a handle on your
finances. From the company you can trust.” — Joseph H.