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The best tools in online personal finance join forces to save you a bundle

Key features and benefits:
  • Shows all your accounts in one place so you know where your
    money is going
  • Helps set a budget for building up savings or paying down debt
  • Keeps your information safe using the same security practices as
    major U.S. banks

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View all your accounts in one place

IMPROVED! View all your accounts in one place

View all your accounts together so you know where you’re spending and where you can save. We connect to thousands of checking, savings, credit card, investment, loan, and retirement accounts. You can access all your balances and transactions together on the web or your iPhone.

Understand your money

Understand Your Money

Get simple to understand at-a-glance insights. We download and categorize your balances and transactions automatically every day—making it effortless to see graphs of your spending, income, balances, and net worth.

Easy budgeting tools

Easy Budgeting Tools

Guides you step by step to set a budget, build your savings, and pay down your debt so you can reach achievable goals and stay under budget.

Avoid late fees

Avoid Late Fees

Receive timely alerts letting you know when bills are due. By knowing easily where you stand, you can avoid those pesky late and overdraft fees.

Find instant savings

Find Instant Savings

We compare your bank accounts, credit cards, CDs, brokerages, and
401(k) to the best products out there, and get the best deal we can for you. We find our typical user saves hundreds of dollars.

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What customers think

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“So far I love Mint. It really has helped me to start actually budgeting and keep track of my finances, mostly because of how easy it is.”
— Sam C, Knoxville TN
“I just want to say Mint is AMAZING. I haven’t had a financial program that could sync ALL of my accounts without a hitch. You guys have something great here.”
— Matt P, University of California Riverside
“This site is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and desperately needing for a long time now.”
— Andrew R.
“This is a great product! You have already helped me save money. I switched from my local bank in Chicago to ING interest bearking checking and I’m saving HUNDREDS of dollars in ATM fees.”
— Steve D, Missoula, MT

What the press thinks

Industry–leading publications rave about Mint

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Top 10 Everything of 2009

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PC Magazine

Top 100 Website of 2009
JULY 2009 - PCMAG.COM was honored by PC Mag as one of the top 100 Websites of 2009. Read more

Money Magazine

Top Pick 4 stars

Money magazine rates best online personal finance service.
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Webware CNET

Productivity Category Winner
MAY 2009 - WEBWARE 100

The WebWare 100 Awards recognizes the best of Web 2.0 apps as determined by CNET readers and users. Read more

The Nest

Favorite Money Blog

Voted favorite money blog and top money website. Read more

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