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SymbolCompany NameExchangeCountry
MUTUAL:INA37151SRP Canadian Equity (Taylor AM) 75/100CBTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA37251SRP Canadian Equity Growth Ser 75/100 CBTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA37301SRP U.S. Equity Index Series 75/100 (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA37351SRP Global Eq (Templeton) Ser 75/100 CBTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA37401SRP Select Canadian Series 75/100 (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA37801SRP Fidelity True North Series 75/100 CBTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA37901SRP Fidelity Cdn Opp Serie 75/100 (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA38001SRP Fidelity European Eq Ser 75/100 (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA38051SRP Strategic Equity Income 75/100 (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA38151SRP Fidelity NorthStar Seris 75/100 CBTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA38251SRP U.S. Dividend Growth Ser 75/100 (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA38301SRP Diversified Security Ser 75/100 (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA38401SRP Diversified Opportunity 75/100 (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA38501SRP International Equity Index 75/100 CBTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA34221SRP Global Equity Series 75/100 (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA34121SRP Selection Prudent 75/100 (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA34120SRP Selection Prudent 75/100TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA34125SRP Selection Prudent 75/100TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA34130SRP Selection Moderate 75/100TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA34131SRP Selection Moderate 75/100 (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA34135SRP Selection Moderate 75/100TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA34140SRP Selection Balanced 75/100TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA34141SRP Selection Balanced 75/100 (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA34145SRP Selection Balanced 75/100TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA34151SRP Selection Growth 75/100 (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA34150SRP Selection Growth 75/100TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA34155SRP Selection Growth 75/100TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA34160SRP Selection Aggressive 75/100TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA34165SRP Selection Aggressive 75/100TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA34161SRP Selection Aggressive 75/100 (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA54121SRP Ecoflex Selection Prudent (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA54120SRP Ecoflex Selection PrudentTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA54125SRP Ecoflex Selection PrudentTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA54130SRP Ecoflex Selection ModerateTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA54131SRP Ecoflex Selection Moderate (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA54135SRP Ecoflex Selection ModerateTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA54141SRP Ecoflex Selection Balanced (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA54140SRP Ecoflex Selection BalancedTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA54150SRP Ecoflex Selection GrowthTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA54145SRP Ecoflex Selection BalancedTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA54151SRP Ecoflex Selection Growth (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA54155SRP Ecoflex Selection GrowthTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA54160SRP Ecoflex Selection AggressiveTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA54161SRP Ecoflex Selection Aggressive (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA54165SRP Ecoflex Selection AggressiveTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA64120SRP Ecoflextra Selection PrudentTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA64121SRP Ecoflextra Selection Prudent (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA64125SRP Ecoflextra Selection PrudentTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA64130SRP Ecoflextra Selection ModerateTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA64131SRP Ecoflextra Selection Moderate (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA64135SRP Ecoflextra Selection ModerateTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA64140SRP Ecoflextra Selection BalancedTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA64141SRP Ecoflextra Selection Balanced (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA64145SRP Ecoflextra Selection BalancedTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA64150SRP Ecoflextra Selection GrowthTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA64151SRP Ecoflextra Selection Growth (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA64155SRP Ecoflextra Selection GrowthTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA64161SRP Ecoflextra Selection Aggressive (CB)TSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA64160SRP Ecoflextra Selection AggressiveTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA64165SRP Ecoflextra Selection AggressiveTSXCanada
MUTUAL:INA34385SRP Fidelity Cdn Opportunities Hyb75/100TSXCanada
SRV1Vh.SIGSRV Yhtiot OyjSigmaX MTF Dark poolUnited States
PBSOQSS Body Armor I IncOTC Pink - No InformationUnited States
SSTXXState Street Institutional Tax Free Money Market Fund Premier ClassNASDAQUnited States
TFVXXState Street Institutional Tax Free Money Market Fund Investment ClassNASDAQUnited States
SSNCSS&C Technologies Holdings IncNASDAQUnited States
SSNC.DGSS&C Technologies Holdings IncDirect Edge Holdings - EDGX - Global Select MarketUnited States
SSNC.DYSS&C Technologies Holdings IncDirect Edge Holdings - EDGA - Global Select MarketUnited States
SSAAFSSAB ABGrey MarketUnited States
SSAAYSSAB ABOTC Pink - Current InformationUnited States
SSABBs.SIGSSAB ABSigmaX MTF Dark poolUnited States
SSEZFSSE PLCGrey MarketUnited States
SSAIXSSgA International Stock Selection Fund N ClassNASDAQUnited States
SSREXSSgA Clarion Real Estate Fund N ClassNASDAQUnited States
SSEMXSSgA Emerging Markets Fund N ClassNASDAQUnited States
SSGXXSSgA U.S. Government Money Market Fund N ClassNASDAQUnited States
SESPXSSgA Enhanced Small Cap Fund NNASDAQUnited States
SVTXXSSgA U.S. Treasury Money Market Fund N ClassNASDAQUnited States
SIAMXSSgA IAM Shares Fund N ClassNASDAQUnited States
SSMXXSSGA Money Market Fund N ClassNASDAQUnited States
SVSPXSSgA S&P 500 Index Fund N ClassNASDAQUnited States
SSHYXSSgA High Yield Bond Fund N ClassNASDAQUnited States
SVSCXSSgA Dynamic Small Cap Fund N ClassNASDAQUnited States
SVPXXSSgA Prime Money Market Fund N ClassNASDAQUnited States
SEMSXSSgA Emerging Markets Fund Select ClassNASDAQUnited States
SSMNXSSGA SSARIS Managed Futures Strategy FundNASDAQUnited States
SSMFXSSGA SSARIS Managed Futures Strategy FundNASDAQUnited States
SSMYXSSGA SSARIS Managed Futures Strategy FundNASDAQUnited States
SSENXSSgA Emerging Markets Fund Class CNASDAQUnited States
SSELXSSgA Emerging Markets Fund Class ANASDAQUnited States
SSEOXSSgA Emerging Markets Fund Class INASDAQUnited States
SSEQXSSgA Emerging Markets Fund Class KNASDAQUnited States
SSESXSSgA Enhanced Small Cap Fund Class ANASDAQUnited States
SSEUXSSgA Enhanced Small Cap Fund Class CNASDAQUnited States
SSEVXSSgA Enhanced Small Cap Fund Class INASDAQUnited States
SSEWXSSgA Enhanced Small Cap Fund Class KNASDAQUnited States
SSHGXSSgA High Yield Bond Fund Class ANASDAQUnited States
SSHHXSSgA High Yield Bond Fund Class CNASDAQUnited States
SSHJXSSgA High Yield Bond Fund Class INASDAQUnited States
SSHKXSSgA High Yield Bond Fund Class KNASDAQUnited States

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