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SymbolCompany NameExchangeCountry
PTX:CXF*First Asset Canadian Convertible Bond ETFPure TradingCanada
PTX:CXF.A*First Asset Canadian Convertible Bond ETFPure TradingCanada
TSE:CXFFirst Asset Canadian Convertible Bond ETF CommonTSXCanada
TSE:CXF.AFirst Asset Canadian Convertible Bond ETF AdvisorTSXCanada
FTNEDXFT Build America Bonds 35 MNASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
LOVIXFirst Pacific Low Volatility Fund Investor ClassNASDAQUnited States
FELHVXFirst Trust 2981 New York Municipal Income Select Closed End Mutual Fund UIT SupplementNASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FGPLTXFT Senior Loan & Lim Dur CE 47 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FRAILXStrategic Income Closed-End Portfolio, Series 48 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FNCSRXFT Interest Rate Hedge 76 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FNSPCXFT Senior Loan & Lim Dur Plus CE 88 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FCHLDXFT Tax Exempt Municipal Income 267 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FRIDEXFT Tax Exempt Muni Inc Interm 2 MNASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FSCOUXFT Build America Bonds 36 MNASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FTLCHXFT Balanced Income 29 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FBNK.ZYFirst Connecticut Bancorp IncBATS Y For NASDAQ OMX Global Select MarketUnited States
FBNKFirst Connecticut Bancorp IncNASDAQUnited States
FADSUXFT Target Glb Div Leaders 1Q 2014 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
INDEX:SKYY.DVFirst Trust ISE Cloud Computing Index FundNASDAQUnited States
SKYY.ZYFirst Trust ISE Cloud Computing Index FundBATS Y For NASDAQ OMX Global Market (Large Cap)United States
INDEX:SKYY.SOFirst Trust ISE Cloud Computing Index FundNASDAQUnited States
INDEX:SKYY.ECFirst Trust ISE Cloud Computing Index FundNASDAQUnited States
INDEX:SKYY.NVFirst Trust ISE Cloud Computing Index FundNASDAQUnited States
SKYYFirst Trust ISE Cloud Computing Index FundNASDAQUnited States
INDEX:SKYY.TCFirst Trust ISE Cloud Computing Index FundNASDAQUnited States
INDEX:SKYY.IVFirst Trust ISE Cloud Computing Index FundNASDAQUnited States
FJPKEXFT Municipal Income Closed-End 41 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FSOARXTactical Income Portfolio, Series 22 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FTNPQXFT Build America Bonds 37 MNASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FELTNXFT Tax Exempt Municipal Income 268 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FBONOXFT GNMA Reinvestment Inc GRIT 116 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FMITSXFT GNMA 115 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FTAHOXFT Investment Grade Multi-Asset Income 10-20 Year 1 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FFHMYFirst Financial Holding Co LtdGrey MarketUnited States
FHGEOXFT Tax Exempt Muni Inc Interm 3 MNASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
MUTUAL:CRT1003First Asset Can Convertible DebentureTSXCanada
MUTUAL:CRT6003First Asset CDN Energy Convert DebentureTSXCanada
FDNMAXFT Dividend & Income Plus CE 45 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FATHBXFT Covered Call Select CE 38 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FTSARXFT California Muni Inc Sel CE 25 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FPTCNXFT Dividend & Income Select CE 35 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FRIAEXFT MLP Closed-End Fund & Energy 29 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FYOVHXFT High-Yield Income Closed-End 60 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FTSNEXFT Div Income & Growth 2011 Fall CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
TMX:FCR.DB.FFirst Capital Realty IncTMX Select - TSE L1Canada
FDNLOXBuild America Bonds Portfolio Series 38NASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
PTX:FCR.DBF*First Capital Realty IncPure TradingCanada
TSE:FCR.DBFFirst Capital Realty IncTSXCanada
FCMUTXFirst Trust 3099 Automated Quantitative Analysis PortfolioNASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FOANAXFT Balanced Income Select 40 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FERVLXFT Interest Rate Hedge 78 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
VSE:FGHFirst Growth Holdings LtdTSXVCanada
PTX:FGH*First Growth Holdings LtdPure TradingCanada
FDMAZXFT Tax Exempt Municipal Income 269 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FKYLEXFT Equity Income 31 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FAZPLXBuild America Bonds Portfolio Series 39NASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FBMLEXFT Homebuilders Recovery 1 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FYBHVXFT Target Diversified Glb Allc 6 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
MUTUAL:CRT6000First Asset CDN Energy Convert DebentureTSXCanada
MUTUAL:CRT6001First Asset CDN Energy Convert DebentureTSXCanada
MUTUAL:CRT6005First Asset CDN Enrgy Convert DebentureFTSXCanada
FTANDXFT Strategic Income Plus CE 53 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FTHLCXFT Build America Bonds 40 MNASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FPGURXFT Tax Exempt Municipal Income 270 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FCAKEXFT Build America Bonds 41 MNASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FDRPRXFT Balanced Income 30 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FCMLUXFT New Jersey Muni Inc Sel CE 28 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FIFFirst Trust Energy Infrastructure FundNYSEUnited States
TMX:TPP.PFirst Mountain Exploration LtdTMX Select - TSE L1Canada
PTX:FMX*First Mountain Exploration LtdPure TradingCanada
VSE:FMXFirst Mountain Exploration LtdTSXVCanada
FLUTHXFT Build America Bonds 42 MNASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
XFIFXFirst Trust Energy Infrastructure FundNASDAQUnited States
VSE:FGDFirst Global Data LtdTSXVCanada
PTX:FGD*First Global Data LtdPure TradingCanada
FCLHRXFT Municipal Income Closed-End 42 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FMBRYXFT Cloud Computing 9 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FBERYXFT High-Yield CE & Shrt Trea ETF 12 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FUHTYXFT Dividend & Income Select CE 36 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FGRAYXFT Build America Bonds 43 MNASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FEBMCXFT California Muni Inc Sel CE 26 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FTORGXFT Tax Exempt Municipal Income 271 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FRMOBXFT Senior Loan & Lim Dur CE 49 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
PTX:TXF*First Asset Tech Giants Covered Call ETFPure TradingCanada
TSE:TXFFirst Asset Tech Giants Covered Call ETF CommonTSXCanada
PTX:TXF.A*First Asset Tech Giants Covered Call ETFPure TradingCanada
TSE:TXF.AFirst Asset Tech Giants Covered Call ETF Advisor ClassTSXCanada
FELIPXFT Build America Bonds 44 MNASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FSGHPXFT Covered Call Select CE 39 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FDUCEXFT Investment Grade Select CE 46 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FKRBGXFT Div Income & Growth 2011 Winter CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FTBSYXFT Build America Bonds 45 MNASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FQPTWXFT Investment Grd Mu-Asst Inc L/T 1 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FRADFFirst Trust Adv Short Duration HY Bd AGrey MarketUnited States
FWAKLXFT Tax Exempt Municipal Income 272 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FPRTDXFT Equity Income 32 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FGLNPXFT Build America Bonds 46 MNASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FJKBVXFT High Dividend Emerg Mkt Eqty 6 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FIATEXFT Target Diversified Glb Allc 7 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States
FCHRSXFT Municipal Income Closed-End 43 CANASDAQ Unit TrustUnited States

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