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SymbolCompany NameExchangeCountry
MUTUAL:CIG11465Black Creek Global Balanced FundTSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG11468Black Creek Int'l Equity FundTSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG11656Black Creek Global Leaders Fund AT6TSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG11665Black Creek Global Balanced Fund AT6TSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG11668Black Creek Int'l Equity Fund AT6TSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG11856Black Creek Global Leaders Fund AT6 LL1TSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG11865Black Creek Global Balanced Fund AT6 LL1TSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG11868Black Creek Int'l Equity Fund AT6 LL1TSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG11956Black Creek Global Leaders Fund AT6TSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG11965Black Creek Global Balanced Fund AT6TSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG11968Black Creek Int'l Equity Fund AT6TSXCanada
VSE:BBC.PBlack Birch Capital Acquisition III CorpTSXVCanada
OMG:BBC.P**Black Birch Capital Acquisition III CorpOmega - Canadian ATSCanada
PTX:BBC.P*Black Birch Capital Acquisition III CorpPure TradingCanada
MUTUAL:CIG18174CI Investments IncTSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG19174CI Investments IncTSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG21006CI Investments IncTSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG21015CI Investments IncTSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG21018CI Investments IncTSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG21106CI Investments IncTSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG21115CI Investments IncTSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG21118CI Investments IncTSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG21156Black Creek Global Leaders Fund Class ATSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG21165Black Creek Global Balanced Fund Class ATSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG21168Black Creek Int'l Equity Fund Class ATSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG21456Black Creek Global Leaders Fund Class ATSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG21465Black Creek Global Balanced Fund Class ATSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG21468Black Creek Int'l Equity Fund Class ATSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG21506CI Investments IncTSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG21515CI Investments IncTSXCanada
MUTUAL:CIG21518CI Investments IncTSXCanada
BKRPBlack Rock Petroleum CoOTCBB - OTC Pink Current InformationUnited States
BDE.ZYBlack Diamond IncBATS Y For NASDAQ OMX Global Select MarketUnited States
OMG:BBS.H**Black Bull Resources IncOmega - Canadian ATSCanada
OMG:BDI**Black Diamond Group LtdOmega - Canadian ATSCanada
OMG:BKI**Black Iron IncOmega - Canadian ATSCanada
OMG:APH**Black Sparrow Capital CorpOmega - Canadian ATSCanada
OMG:BPC**Black Panther Mining CorpOmega - Canadian ATSCanada
OMG:BIT**Black Isle Resources CorpOmega - Canadian ATSCanada
BBOX.ZYBlack Box CorpBATS Y For NASDAQ OMX Global Select MarketUnited States
BLKBBlackbaud IncNASDAQUnited States
BLKB.DGBlackbaud IncDirect Edge Holdings - EDGX - Global Select MarketUnited States
BLKB.DYBlackbaud IncDirect Edge Holdings - EDGA - Global Select MarketUnited States
BLKB.ZYBlackbaud IncBATS Y For NASDAQ OMX Global Select MarketUnited States
BBRYBlackBerryNASDAQUnited States
PTX:BB*BlackBerry LtdPure TradingCanada
OMG:BB.DB.U**BlackBerry LtdOmega - Canadian ATSCanada
PTX:BB.DBU*BlackBerry LtdPure TradingCanada
TSE:BB.DBUBlackBerry LtdTSXCanada
BBRY.ZYBlackBerry LtdBATS Y For NASDAQ OMX Global Select MarketUnited States
OMG:BB**BlackBerry LtdOmega - Canadian ATSCanada
BBRDBlackbird International CorpOTC Pink - Current InformationUnited States
VSE:BBIBlackbird Energy IncTSXVCanada
PTX:BBI*Blackbird Energy IncPure TradingCanada
BKBEFBlackbird Energy IncGrey MarketUnited States
OMG:BBI**Blackbird Energy IncOmega - Canadian ATSCanada
BLCKBlackcraft Cult IncOTCQBUnited States
VSE:STOStonePoint Energy IncTSXVCanada
PTX:STO*StonePoint Energy IncPure TradingCanada
BCKDFStonePoint Energy IncGrey MarketUnited States
VSE:BDCBlackeagle Development CorpTSXVCanada
OMG:BDC**Blackeagle Development CorpOmega - Canadian ATSCanada
PTX:BDC*Blackeagle Development CorpPure TradingCanada
BWENBroadwind Energy IncNASDAQUnited States
BHWBBlackhawk Bancorp IncOTCQX US PremierUnited States
VSE:BLRBlackhawk Resource CorpTSXVCanada
BLRZFBlackhawk Resource CorpGrey MarketUnited States
PTX:BLR*Blackhawk Resource CorpPure TradingCanada
HAWKBlackhawk Network Holdings IncNASDAQUnited States
HAWK.ZYBlackhawk Network Holdings IncBATS Y For NASDAQ OMX Global Select MarketUnited States
HAWKB.ZYBlackhawk Network Holdings IncBATS Y For NASDAQ OMX Global Select MarketUnited States
HAWKBBlackhawk Network Holdings IncNASDAQUnited States
OMG:BLR**Blackhawk Resource CorpOmega - Canadian ATSCanada
VSE:BHRBlackheath Resources IncTSXVCanada
OMG:BHR**Blackheath Resources IncOmega - Canadian ATSCanada
PTX:BHR*Blackheath Resources IncPure TradingCanada
CNX:BISBlackice Enterprise Risk Management IncCanadian Securities ExchangeCanada
OMG:BIS**Blackice Enterprise Risk Management IncOmega - Canadian ATSCanada
VSE:BLNBlackline GPS CorpTSXVCanada
PTX:BLN*Blackline GPS CorpPure TradingCanada
OMG:BLN**Blackline GPS CorpOmega - Canadian ATSCanada
MFLBlackRock MuniHoldings Investment Quality FundNYSEUnited States
BKMPBlackout Media CorpOTC Pink - No InformationUnited States
TSE:PXXBlackpearl Resources IncTSXCanada
BLKPFBlackpearl Resources IncOTC Pink - Current InformationUnited States
PTX:PXX*Blackpearl Resources IncPure TradingCanada
OMG:PXX**Blackpearl Resources IncOmega - Canadian ATSCanada
BATAXBlackRock Allocation Target Shares Series ANASDAQUnited States
BAFBlackRock Municipal Income Investment Quality TrustNYSEUnited States
BBFBlackRock Municipal Income Investment TrustNYSEUnited States
BBKBlackRock Municipal Bond TrustNYSEUnited States
BFKBlackRock Municipal Income TrustNYSEUnited States
BFOBlackRock Florida Municipal 2020 Term TrustNYSEUnited States
BFYBlackRock New York Municipal Income Trust IINYSE MKT LLCUnited States
BFZBlackRock California Municipal Income TrustNYSEUnited States
BGRBlackRock Energy & Resources TrustNYSEUnited States
BGTBlackRock Floating Rate Income Trust FundNYSEUnited States
BHKBlackRock Core Bond TrustNYSEUnited States
BHVBlackRock Virginia Municipal Bond TrustNYSE MKT LLCUnited States

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